Corey is a Game Designer based in Los Angeles, California.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Development. Corey entered the game industry working for SkyZone Entertainment as a Game Designer. While at Skyzone Entertainment, Corey shipped four titles in a wide variety of genres with various IPs well known around the world.

With three years and four shipped games, Corey took the initiative and founded Among Elusions, a small independent start-up tasked with blending game genres and working on quirky projects. After much research and development Among Elusions shipped the award-winning Pachinko Slaughterhouse.

During Corey’s time developing and designing at Among Elusions, he also became an educator teaching both Game Programming and Design to undergraduates.

Thereafter Corey packed everything up and moved to Los Angeles and joined Puppet Master Games. Serving as a game designer on Star Trek Adversaries.


Email: Coreydelorenzo@gmail.com

201 - 926 - 1041

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