Going Going Gone: Homerun Classic was a game developed for SkyZone Entertainment. As a designer on the project I worked with the various teams to produce a high quality and fun home-run derby style game. I would prototype out features and code the basic structure and work with the programming team for final implementation.



Batting and Camera System

Working with the lead designer and taking feedback from ESPN, I developed the way our users would interact and utilize our batting system. The batting system was crucial to the games fun factor. It had to capture the feel of real batting while also being intuitive to allow for a great amount of user control. Timing, direction, and point of contact with the pitch were all used to determine the home-run. Home-runs are the main point of user feedback and satisfaction.

To sell the experience to players, I developed some of the camera techniques used to track the home-runs. Depending on the distance, velocity, and height of the ball I selected an angle and style of tracking used. All of these elements were finely tuned to make an entertaining home-run derby game.


Post launch, I designed a series of tournaments and social events to encourage interaction within the player base. I analyzed player feedback to see where users felt we needed strong engagement, while also looking at the in-game economy to see where we could stimulate the player base.


Progression System

I designed the player progression system for Going Going Gone: Homerun Classic. This included stat growth for your batter, cosmetic upgrades for customization, and new bats. I wanted to create a system that would encourage different play styles instead of a gradual power curve. Several bats grant specific bonuses to different types of home-runs leading to a more varied game-play experience.