Level Design - Main Challenge Detailing


After Reflecting on my last two posts, I felt the final Challenge area needed to be further detailed. I revised the original slightly to detail the enemy path.

The three enemies all operate on their path that intersects 1 of 2 barricades that along the perimeter. These barricades are currently crumbled allowing the player to progress.

1.) The first goal is to pass the barricade. The left barricade highlighted as the ideal path. The timing of the enemy path is more natural for the player to slip thru. Additionally, there is more cover provided along this path allowing for slower pacing.

2.) To reach their second goal the player needs to move up the small ramp to the top of the platform and activate the ruins. This device represented by the gear will rebuild the barricade. It is important for the player to use their elevation to observe where the enemies are to trap them on the other side. It is worth noting the player can reverse the barricades into a crumbled state allowing them to try again. If the player can trap the enemy closest to their next goal, they will have an easier time proceeding.

3.) Depending on how many enemies are trapped the player will have a level of challenge that scales. They must simple activate the second time ruin to rebuild a bridge leading to the way out.

Alt.) A skilled player may opt for a more direct approach utilizing a small window in the enemy path. If the player moves right and straight for goal 3, they can bypass the second objective. This optional route is essential to give players a sense of choice and make the section more meaningful.

Based on the following revisions I want to re-approach the block-out of this area and make some adjustments to better clarify the multiple routes thru the area.