Pachinko Slaughterhouse - Update #3



It has truly been a long road since our last update and if you’re once again reading the words on this page then I humbly thank you for following our team and our efforts to produce our first game. A little bit of background on the studio first. Among Elusions is a completely self-funded indie game studio. We consistently have been meeting once a week for two years now and in that time we have made significant progress in our Action – RPG Buried Bones and are nearing the finish line for our Arcade Style puzzle game Pachinko Slaughterhouse. Like other small devs, we meet a single day in the week where we gather as a team to plan out our deadlines, set goals, and smash our heads together to solve our toughest design challenges. that day closes, we scatter to the winds and return to our respective homes to moonlight in various fields to fund our games. With that said I hope you continue to be patient with us as we strive to improve our communication with our friends that support our work. We are learning and trying to improve every day. We can’t wait to share our work with you and the rest of the world. To that end, let’s talk Pachinko Slaughterhouse.

Our most recent addition to the game is a massive overhaul to our swipe mechanic. The first working rendition of the mechanic sported a preset force that would apply to any animal in play in the swiped direction. The intent was to simplify what kind of shots the player could pull off and design our levels around those shots. After putting several levels to the test we discovered we desired more flexibility in our design. This brought about the second iteration of the mechanic: the half powered and full powered swipe. This allowed for more finesse with each player’s swipe, however it was hard to communicate the exact distance a player's finger needed to travel for each type of swipe. We began to discuss many different visual indicators. None of our concepts seemed to sell the idea until Aaron - one of the games talented programmers - overhauled this system to be much more dynamic, tracking swipe data and converting into force that scales with length and direction of the swipe. This dramatic overhaul leads into our next major update.

Level rebalancing. Each level in Pachinko Slaughterhouse is approached with two thoughts in mind. 1) What can this level teach our players? and 2) how does it contribute to the overall experience? Our approach to Pachinko Slaughterhouse is like peeling an onion. We give you a simple game mechanic to digest and begin to peel back the layers revealing a new nuance to the game.  These features begin to stack up and the game presents its true challenge to the player. Having adjusted our swipe mechanics, we had to take a critical look at our stages and how their many parts would work together with the new feature. In some cases a handful of pegs had to be moved into a new position or removed entirely. In other more complicated levels, an entire revision to the level was necessary. With that said Pachinko Slaughterhouse divides its levels into two categories, dividing our game into two halves. Month One will explore the many mechanics and features you will find in the game. Month Two is where the rails have truly come off and it’s up to the player to test their skill against challenging boards and discover strategies on their own.  Of course, we do our best to present you with strong guides. Month Two is still in development, and Month One is undergoing revisions and review to make sure each level is enjoyable and up to our standards.

Thank you for taking the time to read our update. We will be back soon with Update #4 to talk more about some of the scoring systems and how it plays into the bigger picture of the game. Once again, Among Elusions is grateful for your support and our team hopes you're excited to play Pachinko Slaughterhouse soon!

 Corey Delorenzo