Pachinko Slaughterhouse - Update #1

Hey Everyone, 

Corey here game designer for Pachinko Slaughterhouse which now entering its fourth month of development!  With that milestone let’s discuss the scope of the project and the games current status. With all major gameplay features implemented we are now nearing the alpha stage of production. Currently we are implementing a few small features and wrapping up our procedural level generator. 

Upon release Pachinko Slaugherhouse will have the following features. 

  • 50  Unique stages
  • End Game - Featuring procedurally generated stages.
  • 5 animal types Chicken, Cow, Egg, ???, ????. 
  • Various Power-ups and obstacles. 
  • Storyline - parodying the livestock industry.

Pachinko Slaughterhouse booth at A Video Game Con with Corey Delorenzo 



We proudly showed off our pre-alpha demo at A Video Game Con which contained 4 of 17 developed stages for the final game.  We were able to gain valuable feedback on how these stages taught our player base. As always we gained new insights which are leading into revisions of our games opening levels, and a more streamlined tutorial.

In this demo we also had opportunity to see how players responded to the animal special abilities. Chickens will flutter every three bounces giving the player a great opportunity to swipe and add shift the chicken on a new trajectory. The side effect is the chicken flutters in a random direction adding a level of unpredictability to the bounce. Eggs on the other hand are very well behaved and bounce as you would expect, however one too many bounces and the egg shatters losing all value.  We will continue to balance these mechanics as we bring the game to new events (come out and try the latest build and help provide feedback). 

On the subject of animals we are currently developing the Cow's unique ability which (Hint hint!) has to do with its exceptional weight. All our animals will interact with the environment in different ways.  So expect two new announcements for our mystery farm animals yet to be revealed.  Have a suggestion or idea for the animals below let us know in the comments! 

Let’s talk power-ups! Currently we have our butcher power-up in the game which has a different result based on what goes in. 

  • Chickens become two drumsticks and a wing allowing for triple points
  •  Eggs become hard-boiled and unbreakable.

In addition we are developing our GMO power up next which will similarly have a unique effect on which animals go in. Expect some wild transformation and crazy effects when genetic modifications get added to the mix. However most companies will not be happy when you deliver a genetically modified product only the "Mega-corp" Moostanto will pay big bucks (double score) for the GMO ridden animals. All corporation in Pachinko Slaughterhouse have a certain set of values that if you the player meet will yield a greater score bonus. A future post will go more into the mechanics behind each company. 

I want to leave you all off with a quick review of what currently is in the game so far to compare against our release goals. 

  •  17  of 50 Stages 
  • 2 of 5 animals 
  • 2 power-ups 
  • 5 obstacles. 

We have a ways to go still but are more motivated then ever based on all the wonderful feedback we have been receiving lately. Thank you for your time reading this and your support so far. The five of us take great pride in our work and the support the fans offer us really fuel our development process.  We look forward to getting the game in even more people's hands in the coming months. 

 Corey Delorenzo

P.S. Please check out the event page for our upcoming events