The Among Elusions Site Overhaul

If you're reading this, you're awesome!

Thanks for checking back in. You might notice a few changes around our site, including more information about who we are, what we're doing, and where you can find us.

Yesterday's Playcrafting saw a fantastic turnout of over seventy-five developers. Our team was glad to see so many wonderful indie games, the new titles on display and previously showcased titles we've followed from older events. We hope that you will attend the next Playcrafting event in NYC and get your hands on Pachinko Slaughterhouse, our mobile IP under development.

We've started putting together a list of indie devs to showcase their games. If you enjoy our projects and/or the games you played at previous events, browse our INDIE DEV NETWORK for studio links and the newest info on what our friends are working on. 

Thanks for taking an interest in Among Elusions. We have two amazing games in the works and our team is hard at work bringing you the latest news on both. Please, check out our events page and find out where we'll be in the upcoming month.

Stay tuned for regular updates!