Fallout 4: Return to the Wasteland

It's that time again. A hot new game released and swept the Among Elusions team into another land, another year. This time, we've found ourselves whisked off to the 2200s. The place? The Boston Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 is the newest entry to the franchise and, damn, do I love this game. Following on series tradition (sans Fallout 2), Wastelanders begin their journey in a vault. Except, Bethesda has given us a rare character this go around. For the first time, players take on the role of a man or woman frozen minutes after the bombs fell.

The character customization is robust and better but retains that Bethesda awkwardness for faces. After a failed attempt to recreate famed actress Ingrid Bergman, I settled for the closest lookalike and named her Ingrid anyway. Ingrid is a bit upset that the world has gone to shit when life was going so well (except for the looming threat of nuclear annihilation, which arrived on time). She had a wonderful job as a lawyer, which an in-game item justified, and had pushed out a baby recently (and remained oh-so-thin).

In this new world, she's reluctant to help others, but begins to understand that they can provide her with information on how to survive in humanity's new digs. As a lawyer, Ingrid believes in the centuries-old concept contained in the phrase, "If you're good at something, never do it for free!" This became troubling when asked to find a missing person and finding I had to respond by asking for money. The quest giver naturally gave me a speech about how she could only pay me with her entire life savings, but Ingrid has been through that rodeo before.

What's in store for Ingrid as she moves through the wasteland communities? I don't know. I'm hoping that she grows a bit of a heart. She has spent time helping others, but there's always been something in it for her. Money, experience, or information usually. I'm optimistic that she'll grow a bit warmer and noble as she settles into her new life.

But for now, I'm a wanderer.

- Johnny Toxin