What happens when you cross the bleak world of factory farming and the colorful bliss of Pachinko? Pachinko Slaughterhouse!

What is Pachinko Slaughterhouse? 

     The recipe behind Pachinko Slaughterhouse is simple: one part Pachinko, one part puzzle game and a dash of food industry based satire for flavor. The result is a game quite unlike anything else on the market. Deliver animals to the gluttonous Big Farma Corporation and their seven subsidiaries. Swipe and tap your way through the madness and score as much cash as possible!

Pachinko Slaughterhouse will be available for FREE on iOS and Android later this year


How to Play

Pachinko Slaughterhouse keeps this things fresh and simple with just two basic mechanics, tapping and swiping! What appears simple at first can become both challenging and deceptively addictive. What you tap and how you swipe will determine if you meet your daily goals and keep your every growing farm in business.